Translator, Subtitler, Project Manager
based in London

Gabriella Ferrante - translator
About Me

I’m Gabriella and I'm a professional Italian Translator, Subtitler and Translation Project Manager based in London with many years of experience and a sound professional background in the translation field. I enjoy working with words and I am passionate about the way they convey and create new meanings by crossing the border between languages.

I am an Italian native speaker and I also speak English, Spanish and French. I have passion and a natural feeling for languages. The privilege of knowing several languages gives me a first-hand understanding of their similarities and differences and therefore I’m able to identify things to look out for and improve as well as the cultural nuances essential to being able to speak to local audiences.

Thanks in part to a master's degree in translation and international communication, I have been able to turn my passion and natural sense for foreign languages and translation into a career. My experience as a project manager, translator, subtitler and language consultant allows me to have a 360° viewpoint on each project. The skills developed in each of these fields often tend to complement one another, thereby enriching the expertise and knowledge that I am able to offer to my clients. It’s the perfect package.

In 2017, after a few years of getting to know the world of translation agencies from within, I decided to take the leap into freelance life. I was ready and willing to restructure my daily working schedule, taking on greater responsibility and new challenges in order to keep learning about this profession and boost my motivation. The freelance life has helped me to discover the potential of a healthy work-life balance, a principle that inspires me and is always at the very core of what I do.

Happy clients

Why me?

I love playing with words. Translation allows us to connect and communicate. The magic behind a word or an expression that ‘clicks’ is the best feeling of all.


I have always been curious about the world out there, and I keep exploring the ever-changing translation industry from every angle.


I actively ask for feedback and really listen to it. It’s my secret to becoming a better version of myself every day.


I recognise the value in every step of my studies and my career. Each decision, each ‘yes’ and ‘no’, has played an important role in getting me where I want to be.


Strong ethics, integrity and commitment bring people together. This is how, over time, I have built a powerful network of trusted professionals that can help me with services and language combinations that I don’t offer myself.


I love my job to the point that it feels effortless, yet I avoid ‘overloading’ myself with work. The decision to become a freelancer comes from a place of authenticity as to how my time and my energies are best invested. This is how I am able to be at my best in everything I do.


Whenever an opportunity to serve a higher purpose arises, I jump at it. Volunteering as a translator is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.